Is Your Child's Eye Lid Dropping? Don't Be Lazy About Their Lazy Eye Syptoms

If you have noticed your toddler has an eye lid that droops slightly over the eye, you want to take them to the physician as soon as you can. Although the condition isn't life threatening, your child may be dealing with ptosis.

The condition is treatable, and you'll want to have it treated before it causes problems in your child's life. Here are just a few of the issues that can occur if you don't treat the problem quickly and appropriately.


The condition amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, can develop from ptosis. This can cause the child to have vision problems and difficulty with depth perception, and it can become a permanent visual defect. If you already notice that your child's eye doesn't follow in line with the other and that they have difficulty focusing on an object or with fine motor skills, you want to get them to an eye specialist right away. Not treating the problem can limit their vision for a lifetime, causing struggles academically and when they are ready to enter the workforce.

Social Concerns  

As a child, it can be very difficult to feel different from other children, and without treatment, the condition may make your child feel uncomfortable with their appearance. It can also prevent them from participating in activities with other children that require hand eye coordination, or keeping up with other children in their class academically. You don't want your child to feel secluded or left behind.

Academic Concerns

The longer your child goes without treatment for the condition, the further behind they are going to get when learning letters, shapes, patterns, words and more. If they can't see properly, they will have trouble with recognition, and you don't want them to start out school behind everyone else. That can lead to the need for additional tutoring and special needs classes.

As soon as you detect that your child's eye lid may be drooping and they are having a hard time seeing clearly, you'll want to see a medical professional that specializes in eye care and ptosis. You don't want your child to miss out on anything in their future, and you don't want them to suffer if their problem can be treated with surgery. Get a consultation to find out what is going on with your child and their ocular development, and have the condition treated by an eye specialist only.

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