Picking The Best Eyeglass Frames To Fit Your Face

In today's modern fashion, it has now become cool to wear glasses. Eyeglasses can accessorize your image to help you make a statement with your appearance.

There are some tricks to picking just the right frames for your unique face. Here are some tips for picking out the best pair of eyeglasses to complement your facial features.

If you decided to choose eyeglasses instead of contacts, then you'll be able to alter your appearance by picking the right frames. Glasses can complement your complexion, accent you best features, plus reduce any odd facial features you may feel self-conscious about.

There are four important things to consider when picking the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your face.

Contrast the Shape of Your Face

The shape of the frames you pick should be different than the general shape of your face. Try not to select frames that will only accent the shape of your face in a negative way. Selecting frames that are in contrast to the shape of your face will help improve your look, not worsen features of your face you would rather not stress.  

Proportionate to Your Face

You don't want to get select frames that are out of proportion with the shape of your face, or your features. The idea is to have your glasses complement your look, not stand out on your face. Complement the proportional aspects of your face with eyeglasses that fit the size of your face and your facial features, like your eyes and nose.

Color and Facial Tone

When you are deciding on color, pick one that complements your facial tone. Black frames are excellent for outlining small eyes, and lighter shades will help accent a deep and defined brow.

Color is the one characteristic of your glasses that you can use to convey your sense of uniqueness. While certain colors will clash with deep eyebrows, or big eyes, most of the time you can use color to make more of a personal statement. Just be cautious if you do not have bold facial features, because bold colors can all obliterate your facial uniqueness.

The Shape of Face and Facial Features

This is the stage where picking eyeglasses gets more involved. With all the unique facial shapes and features, no single recommendation will work for everyone. You need to take a look at the whole spectrum of your face.

You should consider the overall shape of your face, your eyes, forehead, cheekbone structure and your jaw line. Here are three basic face shapes, along with some suggestions for eyeglass frames that will complement them the best.

1. Plump Faces

People with round, very plump, or oval-shaped faces, should consider square, or rectangular frames. Round frames will only make plump cheeks look even plumper. If you have a round face lean towards frames with angles.

2. Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a broad forehead and narrow chin, or jaw line, you can enhance their look with rimless glasses. The rimless design adds more emphasis across the ridge of the eyes and this will help to blend the forehead with the lower part of your face.

3. Square, or Box-Shaped Faces

Many people have a square shape to their face, or a boxy chin. While certain rectangle frames may help someone who has a long square-shaped face, most of the time square features need a more rounded pair of eyeglasses.

Also, be sure to consider the size of your face if you have rectangular-shaped features, because round frames that are too small for your face can make it look like you have little beady eyes.

Of course there are many ways that your face shape and facial features can be blended together. That is what makes just about everyone's face unique.  

Making sure you don't choose a design of eyeglasses that accents the wrong features of your face should be your first priority. After you get the shape right, consider your alternatives to use color and contrast to add uniqueness to your image. Contact a company like Wendy's Eyeglass Shack for more information.