Eye Health: 2 Eye-Enhancing Foods To Add To Your Family's Diet

You care for your family's eye health, so you make sure they visit the optometrist as they should. But you may be wondering if there is more that you can do for them. Well, improving your family's eye health could be as simple as eating the right type of food. This guide will enlighten you with two eye-health enhancing foods that you can add to your family's diet.

What Makes These Foods Good For Your Eyes?

Tasty Spinach For Everyone

Spinach contains two important nutrients that eyes need to stay healthy and strong. Those two nutrients are called lutein and zeaxanthin. The eyes use the retina and macular region to absorb light or reflections. These are translated into electrical messages that are bounced to your brain to be processed and understood. The aforementioned nutrients supply that entire region with all the power needed to get this job done.

Mmm Salmon Is Good

The study regarding lutein and zeaxanthin also mentioned (among other types of foods) that wild caught salmon contains high amounts of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a one-of-a-kind antioxidant only found in some water algae and in the fish that consume this algae. The algae produce astaxanthin to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays and malnutrition. These properties will reach your eyes as well, which is probably the reason that astaxanthin has been shown to prevent blindness, cataracts, or ailments related to eye inflammation.

You should also know that your eyes will be protected from macular degeneration or cell damage since astaxanthin is an antioxidant. And cellular damage is usually associated with free radicals that astaxanthin will attack. Just make sure that you get good wild caught salmon, as wild caught fish does not usually have a high concentration of mercury. Mercury can be dangerous to your eyes in large amounts, as it can lead to things like cataracts, chronic iritis, or color blindness (your eye specialist can tell you about other ways you can avoid mercury). You can learn more about why you should stay away from mercury by following the link.

Remember that these foods are not meant to replace suggestions that your eye specialist might have given you or your family. These foods are just to enhance your family's eye health and help prevent eye-related issues. So, do not forget those routine eye exams. And be sure to ask your optometrist for additional ways you can take care of your family's eye health. Make an appointment with an eye clinic, such as Longmeadow Optical, to get everyone checked out.