There Are Many Types Of Contacts

If you have gone to your eye exam and learned you need corrective lenses, you may choose to go with contact lenses. If you do, then you should learn about some of the different types you can wear. There are a lot more than you may have imagined and you can find out about some of them in this article. Bifocal lenses If you need bifocals you may think that this means you have no choice and will need to go with bifocal glasses.

Laser Vision Correction: Learn About Your Options

Laser vision correction surgery has made tremendous advances in recent decades, allowing patients with a wide variety of vision issues to get improved eyesight. The main aim of the treatment is to correct the "refractive error" in your cornea, giving you sharper focus on objects around you and thus eliminating the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Refractive error refers to an imbalance between the light-focusing power of the eye and the length of the eye.

Damage To Your Eyes By Your Diabetes

Diabetes affects many areas of your health, including your eyesight. Changes in the blood vessels in your eye can cause a range of symptoms from blurry vision to complete loss of sight. Prevention of eye damage through the proper control of your diabetes is the best way to maintain healthy vision. But if you do begin to experience vision issues, here is what is happening to your eye and how your sight can be saved.

Picking The Best Eyeglass Frames To Fit Your Face

In today's modern fashion, it has now become cool to wear glasses. Eyeglasses can accessorize your image to help you make a statement with your appearance. There are some tricks to picking just the right frames for your unique face. Here are some tips for picking out the best pair of eyeglasses to complement your facial features. If you decided to choose eyeglasses instead of contacts, then you'll be able to alter your appearance by picking the right frames.

Is Your Child's Eye Lid Dropping? Don't Be Lazy About Their Lazy Eye Syptoms

If you have noticed your toddler has an eye lid that droops slightly over the eye, you want to take them to the physician as soon as you can. Although the condition isn't life threatening, your child may be dealing with ptosis. The condition is treatable, and you'll want to have it treated before it causes problems in your child's life. Here are just a few of the issues that can occur if you don't treat the problem quickly and appropriately.